Thursday, February 2, 2012

Once upon a time, somebody ran. Somebody ran singing, "As fast as I can, I got to go." Once upon a time, we fell apart. You're holding in your hands the two halves of my heart. Once upon a time, we're burning bright. Now, all we ever seem to do is fight. On and on. Once upon a time, on the same side. Once upon a time, on the same side in the same game. Now why'd you have to go.. have to go and throw water over my flame? Could've been a princess. You'd be a king. Could've had a castle and worn a ring. But no, you let me go. You stole my star. You stole my star because you really had me. No, you really hurt me...
Chris Martin. Vocalist of the group.
Look at the stars.
Look how they shine for you, and everything you do.
” -Fix you

And on and on from the moment I wake,
To the moment I sleep,
I’ll be there by your side,
Just you try and stop me,
I’ll be waiting in line,
Just to see if you care.

  -Shiver, Coldplay. Why are they so amazing?
One of the best New Coldplay Songs Contained In the New Album Mylo Xyloto.
Made by the great singer/songwriter Chris Martin.